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Open Access Journal: NEO-LITHICS: The Newsletter of Southwest Asian Neolithic Research

 [First posted in AWOL 26 February 2015, updated 24 March 2017]

NEO-LITHICS: The Newsletter of Southwest Asian Neolithic Research
ISSN: 1434-6990

Edited by Gary O. Rollefson and Hans Georg K. Gebel (managing editors: Hans Georg K. Gebel 1994-2002, Jürgen Baumgarten 2003-2008, Dörte Rokitta-Krumnow 2009-today).
A Newsletter of Southwest Asian Lithic Research (appears since 1994, two issues per year, c. 40-50 pages each

Neo-Lithics 1/94 click to see content Download as pdf

Neo-Lithics 2/94 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1/95 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2/95 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1/96 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2/96 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1/97 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2/97 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 3/97 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1/98 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2/98 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 3/98 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1/99 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2/99 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 3/99 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1/00 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2+3/00 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1/01 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2/01 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2/02 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2/03 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1/04 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2/04 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1/05 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2/05 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1/08 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2/08 Download as pdf

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Cataloging of the PHI online Latin texts

The cataloging of the PHI online Latin texts project, undertaken by Blake Landor in 2012 at the George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, produced a MARC record for each of the Latin texts served  by Classical Latin Texts, a resource prepared by The Packard Humanities Institute. 

Institutions are free to download these records to their online catalogs.  If you want to preview these records, go to UF’s catalog and type “Packard Humanities Institute” in the “anywhere” field. 

The records are public domain with unrestricted downstream use for any purpose. The University of Florida Smathers Libraries welcomes and encourages their re-use. If you wish to have these in your own library catalog you are welcome to upload them.  Please bring this notice to the attention of your librarians.

n.b.:  The Classical Latin Texts Database Records will be permanently available in the George A. Smathers Libraries section of the Institutional Repository at the University of Florida. 

Online Orbis latinus (Großausgabe, 1972)

[First posted in AWOL 13 August 2011. Updated 23 March 2017]

Orbis latinus (Großausgabe, 1972)
Orbis latinus: Titelblatt des ersten Bandes der Großausgabe (1972) 

In seiner fast 150-jährigen Publikationsgeschichte hat sich der Orbis latinus über den Verlauf von vier Auflagen hinweg zum umfassendsten Verzeichnis lateinischer Ortsbezeichnungen von der Antike bis zur Neuzeit entwickelt. Vor allem die von Helmut Plechl (geb. 1920) erarbeitete Großausgabe der 4. Auflage, die in drei Bänden 1972 erschien, vervielfachte den Wortbestand und etablierte das Werk als unverzichtbares Nachschlagewerk für die Geschichtswissenschaft.

Das seit langem vergriffene Werk online bereitzustellen war ein Desideratum der Geschichtswissenschaft, dem durch das freundliche Entgegenkommen der Rechteinhaberin nun entsprochen werden konnt.

Open Access Journal: BABELAO: Electronic Journal for Ancient and Oriental Studies

[First posted in AWOL 13 June 2015, updated 23 March 2017 (new URL)]

BABELAO: Electronic Journal for Ancient and Oriental Studies
ISSN: 2034-9491
Son bulletin, le BABELAO, est conçu comme une revue à vocation scientifique. La revue couvre le domaine de l’Orientalisme sous ses différentes facettes : philologie, paléographie, histoire du monde ancien et oriental, histoire des langues et des littératures comparées, édition des textes, etc. Son Comité de rédaction dont le recrutement est international regroupe des chercheurs qui sont à même d’assurer une expertise dans tous les domaines requis. Les membres sont: Alessandro Bausi (Hambourg), Anne Boud'hors (Paris), Antoine Cavigneaux (Genève), Sabino Chialà (Bose), Bernard Coulie (Louvain-la-Neuve), Alain Delattre (Bruxelles), Didier Devauchelle (Lille), Johannes Den Heijer (Louvain-la-Neuve), Jean-Charles Ducène (Bruxelles), J.Keith Elliott (Leeds), Jean-Daniel Macchi (Genève), Michael Marx (Berlin), Claude Obsomer (Louvain-la-Neuve), Agnès Ouzounian (Paris), Tamara Pataridzé (Louvain-la-Neuve), Paul-Hubert Poirier (Québec), Véronique Somers (Paris, Louvain-la-Neuve), David Taylor (Oxford) et Anton Vojtenko (Moscou).
Le BABELAO est référencé dans AWOL (The Ancient World Online), RHE (Revue d'Histoire Ecclésiastique), Elenchus Bibliographicus (Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Çatalhöyük Research Portal

Çatalhöyük Research Portal
Welcome to the Çatalhöyük Research Portal. This is a space where researchers from around the world can access our database, excavation archives, photography, illustrations and video record.
The information stored in our portal is detailed below.
Project Database
Here you can find our primary archaeological data in the form of unit sheets, diaries, lab data and associated excavation records.
Archive Reports
Here you can find links to our Archive Reports, produced each year to summarise the activities, finds and interpretations of each team and excavation area.
A list covering the main publications related to Çatalhöyük.
Here you can find our illustration archive featuring the work of the project’s archaeological illustrators across its history.
Here you can find our photographic portfolio and links to the project’s Flickr account.
Here you can find videos produced by the project. You can also view some videos on the project’s YouTube page.

Open Access Journal: eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies

[First posted in AWOL 23 May 2011. Updated 22 March 2017]

eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies
ISSN 2192-2608
eTopoi is a bilingual magazine which is published by the Excellence Cluster Topoi. It is an open access periodical, and all articles are available as PDF documents free of charge. eTopoi provides a forum of exchange between all disciplines in the area of classical and ancient studies, from pre- and early history to Egyptology and Near Eastern studies, to classical archaeology, classical philosophy, linguistics, literary studies, theories of science, and theology, and extending to other disciplines as well.
Envisioned for inclusion in particular are articles dealing with the shaping and transformation of spatial structures and knowledge systems in ancient societies, as well as with perceptions of and reflections on these phenomena. The focus is on innovative forms of interdisciplinary collaboration, including geoscientific-archaeological projects and ones in computational archaeology, in the history of knowledge, and in historical geography. The magazine hence mirrors the orientations of both research institutes, the disciplines they represent, and the networks of partner institutions with which they are affiliated. It is available as a platform to all interested researchers worldwide.

Vol 6 (2017)

Table of Contents


Moritz Nykamp, Daniel Knitter, Bernhard S. Heeb, Alexandru Szentmiklosi, Rüdiger Krause, Brigitta Schütt
Will M. Kennedy, Felix Hahn


Special Volume (6) 2016

Space and Knowledge. Topoi Research Group Articles


Special Volume 5 (2015)

Kerstin P. Hofmann und Stefan Schreiber (eds.), Raumwissen und Wissensräume. Beiträge des interdisziplinären Theorie-Workshops für Nachwuchswissenschaftler_innen

Special Volume 4 (2015)

Daniel Knitter, Wiebke Bebermeier and Oliver Nakoinz (eds.), Bridging the Gap – Integrated Approaches in Landscape Archaeology.


Special Volume 3 (2012)

Wiebke Bebermeier, Robert Hebenstreit, Elke Kaiser, Jan Krause (eds.), Landscape Archaeology. Conference (LAC 2012)

Special Volume 2 (2012)

Susan Pollock (ed.), Between Feasts and Daily Meals. Toward an Archaeology of Commensal Spaces


Special Volume 1 (2011)

Friederike Fless, Gerd Graßhoff, Michael Meyer (eds.), Reports of the Research Groups at the Topoi Plenary Session 2010

The Oriental Institute Open Access Publications

The Oriental Institute Open Access Publications
Including Both Digital Manifestations of Print Publications and Born Digital Publications 

[Originally posted April 9, 2008 on the Ancient World Bloggers Group at AWOL - The Ancient World Online - 2: The Oriental Institute Electronic Publications Initiative, the "canonical" version of the list of online publications of the OI developed there for two and a half years and moved here during Open Access Week on October 19, 2010.  It will be kept up to date in this location henceforth.  Most recently updated 22 March 2017]

Starting in 2004, the Oriental Institute committed to digitizing all of its publications and making them available online, without charge. The minimum for each volume, old and new, current and forthcoming, will be a Portable Document Format (PDF) version following current resolution standards. New publications appear online at or near the time they appear in print. Older publications will be processed as time and funding permits. Several hundred volumes are now online.

Following is an up to date listing of all open access digital products of the Oriental Institute, including fascsimilies of paper based book, databases, born-digital initiatives, and multi-media presentations.

And see also the Chronological Lists of OI Publications

Assyriological Studies (AS) | List of volumes in print
The Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago (CAD) | List of volumes in print
  • Volume 1:1, A:1. 1964.
  • Volume 1:2, A:2. 1968.
  • Volume 2, B. 1965.
  • Volume 3, D. 1959.
  • Volume 4, E. 1958.
  • Volume 5, G, 1956 
  • Volume 6, H [het]. 1956.
  • Volume 7, I/J. 1960.
  • Volume 8, K. 1971.
  • Volume 9, L. 1973.
  • Volume 10:1, M:1. 1977.
  • Volume 10:2, M:2. 1977.
  • Volume 11:1, N:1. 1980.
  • Volume 11:2, N:2. 1980.
  • Volume 12, P. 2005.
  • Volume 13, Q. 1982.
  • Volume 14, R. 1999.
  • Volume 15, S. 1984.
  • Volume 16, S [tsade]. 1962.
  • Volume 17:1, S [shin]:1. 1989.
  • Volume 17:2, S [shin]:2. 1992.
  • Volume 17:3, S [shin]:3. 1992.
  • Volume 18, T. 2006.
  • Volume 19, T [Tet]. 2006.
  • Volume 20, U/W. 2010.
  • Volume 21, Z. 1961.
 Chicago House Bulletin

    The Chicago Demotic Dictionary (CDD) [Born digital publication]
    Completed Letters Download
    Prologue Download Terms of Use
    3 Download Terms of Use
    'I Download Terms of Use
    c Download Terms of Use
    Y Download Terms of Use
    W Download Terms of Use
    B Download Terms of Use
    P Download Terms of Use
    F Download Terms of Use
    M Download Terms of Use
    N Download Terms of Use
    R Download Terms of Use
    L Download Terms of Use
    H Download Terms of Use
    H2 Download Terms of Use
    H3 Download Terms of Use
    H4 Download Terms of Use
    S Download Terms of Use
    SH Download Terms of Use
    Q Download Terms of Use
    K Download Terms of Use
    G Download Terms of Use
    T Download Terms of Use
    TJ Download Terms of Use
    DJ Download Terms of Use
    Days Download Terms of Use
    Months Download Terms of Use
    Numbers Download Terms of Use
    Problematic Entries Download Terms of Use
    Problematic Entries 2 Download Terms of Use
    The Hittite Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago (CHD) | List of volumes in print
    Chicago Hittite Dictionary Supplements (CHDS) | List of volumes in print
    Late Antique and Medieval Islamic Near East (LAMINE)
    • LAMINE 1. Christians and Others in the Umayyad State. Edited by Antoine Borrut and Fred M. Donner, with contributions by Touraj Daryaee, Muriel  Debié, Sidney H. Griffith, Wadad al-Qadi, Milka Levy-Rubin, Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych, Donald Whitcomb, and Luke Yarbrough, 2016
    Materials for the Assyrian Dictionary (MAD)

    Materials and Studies for Kassite History (MSKH)

    Oriental Institute Communications (OIC) | List of volumes in print
        Oriental Institute Digital Archives (OIDA) | [Online only]
        Oriental Institute Museum Publications (OIMP) | List of volumes in print
          Oriental Institute Nubian Expedition (OINE) | List of volumes in print
          Oriental Institute Publications (OIP) | List of volumes in print
            Oriental Institute Seminars (OIS) | List of volumes in print
            Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization (SAOC) | List of volumes in print

              Lost Egypt

              Lost Egypt, Volumes I-III. A Limited Edition Portfolio Series of Photographic Images from Egypt’s Past.
              The Epigraphic Survey of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.

              Volume Pagination Date ISBN Price
              Volume I pp. i-viii + 10 plates 1992 0-918986-88-5 $2000.00
              Volume II pp. i-viii + 10 plates 1992 0-918986-89-3 $2000.00
              Volume III pp. i-viii + 10 plates 1992 0-918986-90-7 $2000.00

              Miscellaneous Publications
              •  Nimrud: The Queens' Tombs. By Muzahim Mahmoud Hussein, translation and initial editing by Mark Altaweel, additional editing and notes by McGuire Gibson. 2016
              • Islamic Bindings & Bookmaking
                  A Catalogue of an Exhibition in the Oriental Institute Museum, University of Chicago, May 18-August 18, 1981. By Gulnar Bosch, John Carswell, and Guy Petherbridge. Originally published in 1981. 
              • Most Ancient Verse.
                  Selected and translated by Thorkild Jacobsen and John A. Wilson. Originally published in 1963.
              • When Egypt Ruled the East.
                  By George Steindorff and Keith C. Seele. Revised by Keith C. Seele. Originally published as second edition in 1957. 
              Annual Reports
              The Oriental Institute Archaeological Newsletter (1950-1973)

              Oriental Institute News & Notes

              2017Winter (#232)      
              2016 Winter (#228) Spring (#229) Summer (#230) Fall (#231)
              2015 Winter (#224) Spring (#225) Summer (#226) Fall (#227)
              2014 Winter (#220) Spring (#221) Summer (#222)
              Fall (#223)
              2013 Winter (#216) Spring (#217) Summer (#218) Fall (#219)
              2012 Winter (#212) Spring (#213) Summer (#214) Fall (#215)
              2011 Winter (#208) Spring (#209) Summer (#210) Fall (#211)
              2010 Winter (#204) Spring (#205) Summer (#206) Fall (#207)
              2009 Winter (#200) Spring (#201) Summer (#202) Fall (#203)
              2008 Winter (#196) Spring (#197) Summer (#198) Fall (#199)
              2007 Winter (#192) Spring (#193) Summer (#194) Fall (#195)
              2006 Winter (#188) Spring (#189) Summer (#190) Fall (#191)
              2005 Winter (#184) Spring (#185) Summer (#186) Fall (#187)
              2004 Winter (#180) Spring (#181) Summer (#182) Fall (#183)
              2003 Winter (#176) Spring (#177) Summer (#178) Fall (#179)
              2002 Winter (#172) Spring (#173) Summer (#174) Fall (#175)
              2001 Winter (#168) Spring (#169) Summer (#170) Fall (#171)
              2000 Winter (#164) Spring (#165) Summer (#166) Fall (#167)
              1999 Winter (#160) Spring (#161) Summer (#162) Fall (#163)
              1998 Winter (#156) Spring (#157) Summer (#158) Fall (#159)
              1997 Winter (#152) Spring (#153) Summer (#154) Fall (#155)
              1996 Winter (#148) Spring (#149) Summer (#150) Fall (#151)
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              For years prior to 1999 the Lead Article(s) from various issues of News & Notes were made available electronically:










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              Teaching the Middle East: A Resource for Educators

              The Human Adventure is online at The Oriental Institute's Youtube Channel. 

              Mesopotamian Directory 2011

              Also at The Oriental Institute's Youtube Channel is a  list of video presentations of Members' Lectures, and exhibition related presentations.

              Research Archives

              Integrated Database (IDB)

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